What and how good our solar system sounds like from an ambience perspective

Davide Wiest
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Summary (Ranking from 1–10)

  • Sun (7): Distorted, pulsating
  • Mercury (5): Rough noise
  • Venus (1): Alarming
  • Earth (3): Desert wind
  • Mars (6): Knocking, wind, crackling
  • Jupiter (5): Monotonous noise
  • Saturn (6): Whistling, echo
  • Uranus (8): Pulsating noise, wind tones
  • Neptune (5): Quiet noise
  • Pluto (3): Radio interference
  • Black Hole (6): Slow rumble


  • Rating: 7
  • Characteristics: Distorted, pulsating, simple noise
  • Description: The sound of the sun is distorted and pulsating, similar to a radio tuned to an empty channel. It is a simple noise with no other discernible sounds.


  • Rating: 5
  • Characteristics: Rough noise, shaking, wind-like
  • Description: The sound of Mercury is rough and shaky, similar to wind blowing through a microphone. It is not a pleasant sound and can be perceived as disturbing.


  • Rating: 1
  • Characteristics: Pulsating, alarm-like
  • Description: The sound of Venus is pulsating and alarm-like. It sounds like a shrill alarm clock or a smoke detector and can be perceived as very unpleasant.


  • Rating: 3
  • Characteristics: Noise on many different frequencies, comparable to desert wind
  • Description: The sound of Earth is a noise on many different frequencies. It sounds similar to the wind blowing through a desert. It is a constant noise, but it does not necessarily have to be perceived as disturbing.


  • Rating: 6
  • Characteristics: Knocking (1x rough, 1x muffled), wind, crackling
  • Description: The sound of Mars is diverse. There are knocking noises that sound like hammer blows on metal, as well as wind noises and a crackling that is reminiscent of a campfire.


  • Rating: 5
  • Characteristics: Monotonous rough noise, medium-high frequency, no other sounds
  • Description: The sound of Jupiter is monotonous and rough. It has a medium-high frequency and is comparable to the sound of a waterfall. There are no other discernible sounds.


  • Rating: 6
  • Characteristics: Whistling, high frequency, slowly pulsating
  • Description: The sound of Saturn is a whistling with a high frequency. It is slowly pulsating and sounds like a faint echo.


  • Rating: 8
  • Characteristics: Fast pulsating noise, occasional slow pulsating wind tones
  • Description: The sound of Uranus is quickly pulsating and sounds like a Morse code. Occasionally, slow pulsating wind tones can also be heard.


  • Rating: 5
  • Characteristics: Quiet, muffled noise
  • Description: The sound of Neptune is quiet and muffled. It sounds like a gentle breeze and is barely noticeable.


  • Rating: 3
  • Characteristics: Noise like interference on a radio, bright oscillation
  • Description: The sound of Pluto sounds like interference on a radio. It is a bright oscillation that can be perceived as unpleasant.

Extra: Black Hole

  • Rating: 6
  • Characteristics: Slowly pulsating, medium-depth noise
  • Description: The sound of a black hole is slowly pulsating and has a medium-depth frequency. It sounds like a faint rumble and is barely noticeable.



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